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A very urban contemporary artist, Jakè has been leading an insatiable creative and colorful effervescence since 2003 around the world

Canvas, objects, oversized or custom made artwork doped with joy, love and pop characters tell us stories through abundant, rich and moving patchworks. 


.Jakè transforms his words into pure emotions to take us to increasingly unusual adventures, punctuated by games of language, signs, symbols and winks. 

Jaké is not self-taught 


In fact, everything from the start led him to invent himself as an artist.Detours, false tracks, and side roads of years of inner maturation simply postponed the moment when the former student of Applied Arts would be fulfilled in his singularity.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.Begun in early childhood, marked by stopovers here or elsewhere, but also by immobilization in real estate, Jakè's creative journey was definitely launched in 2001.A

good year for the odyssey ...

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